Get to know the Flash People of Brasil { Website }

Planned, designed and developed by Action Creations, Flash People is a project created for the Adobe Community team with the intention to unite all people related to the Flash Platform around the world, starting in Brazil.

The project goal is to bring together in one place, all Flash / Flex / AIR developers and designers in each country, through a short video for each person.

“We will be able to put a ‘voice’ and a ‘face’ to the usernames that we see every day”, says Demian Borba, one of the community leaders in Brazil.

Users can also win a license of one Adobe Creative Suite Design Premium CS5. Click here to visit the project.

We also created static and interactive banners to be placed on web sites and blogs.
Please refresh this page to view random users on the banners below.

JPG Version (dynamic):

The Flash People

Interactive SWF Version (dynamic) in different sizes:

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