Adobe Max 2010 (live blog)

Our UI Designer Dan Robert and our Interactive Developer Arthur Oliveira had great seats during the keynote of day 2.

The Flash muppet vs (or plus) the HTML muppet! Very funny! You should have seen the clip where the HTML muppet was smoking joint!

Adobe and jQuery collaborating on an amazing project to enable very rich jQuery stuff on mobile, using Dreamweaver.

The iron builder show between 2 teams of developers and designers.

The Transformers game created by BigSpaceship uses WordPress to manage all Flash content:
You can download all the public bigspaceship AS3 classes to use on your own projects:
Want to debug any SWF on your machine? You can use the AIR app Arthropod:

Acrobat WOW at the keynote of day 2.

Russel Brown at Adobe Max.

Check the new SiteCatalyst, where you can view statistics on pretty much everything regarding the web:

Tokidoki USB drive found on our conference bags.

Day 2 starting now!

Follow the second day keynote and watch the keynote of day one again here:

Follow this Adobe employee if you want to know more about mobile and the packager for iPhone and for Android. He did a great presentation on Monday. The support for the retina display on the iPhone 4 is coming to AIR soon, stay tuned! In the meantime, the workaround is to use TOP_LEFT and SCALE (to true) so that it works both on 3G iPhones and on iPhone 4s (that’s what we did on our surf app, shown in this blog on another post).

The Galaxy tablet from Samsung is super fast and responsive, but not that big.

BlackBerry will launch the PlayBlook tablet soon, and we were pretty impressed to see that it is all AIR (the UI, touch, apps, etc). Talking to Arno (Director of Engineering of AIR), he told us that only a low level part isn’t (that uses a technology that was already present in cars, boats etc). It’s great to see AIR enabling such a great experience on such a great device. Can’t wait to get ours!

Want to create games in Flash? Check the PushButton engine. It’s an open source game engine used by tons of very popular games. It will save you a lot of headaches:

Joshua Hirsch (bigspaceship) and other SoDA speakers talk about the estimation process at digital agencies.

All Max attendees got a brand new Droid 2 phone. Thanks Motorola!!

Adobe booth.

Our friend Leon talking about Brazil at the FITC booth.

AIR for TV is now with the manufacturers, so expect to be able to develop Flash content for TVs as well pretty soon.

Drawing and coding in ActionScript before the keynote.

DJ playing with a Flash application to mix the sounds live.

Alternative3D is a great 3D engine for Flash:

The new BlackBerry Playbook has its MediaPlayer, PhotoGallery etc, all done in AIR. Flash developers will love it!!

You can play the Green Hornet game on your computer or on your mobile device, click here to play it:

AIR SDK is live now:

The keynote will start soon. We think we will hear amazing news. Watch MAX Day 1 Keynote and opening live here : #adobemax

Adobe Cookbooks is a place where you can find code recipes.

Project Rome, that was shown last year at Max, it’s now released:

People are already waiting for the keynote in front of the Nokia theater.

Droid does Flash panel.

Visit the Adobe Tv site:
Adobe Developer Connection is accepting tutorials and papers. They are asking for feedback.

Big camera filming the summit. The evangelists and product managers are talking about the fact they have people from all over the world are at Max this year.

We just met our friend Leon from Brazil.
Big news for the adobe groups site, the new site is looking great, more like facebook, less like myspace.

Badges in hands. And we just heard from an Adobe employee that this year Max will be better than last year.

Here you will find pictures and news as the conference go.


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